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Holo Camera
Bring your photos to the next dimension
The HoloCamera is the result of a 3D Modeling course. At the end of class, each student had to design a camera in Rhino 5 (CAD software). My idea was to combine Star Wars with a Polaroid cameras. Check it out below!
The HoloCamera is a fictional product that captures holograms, just like a normal camera captures images. The holograms are printed directly onto a metal base plate. Place the plate wherever you like and enjoy a 3D hologram of what you've captured.
First, I modeled the camera in Rhino 6 (CAD software). This precise software makes it easy to build an original-sized model. I then used Blender (3D Software) to add materials and textures. I tried my hand with Substance Painter (3D Software), but I couldn't even load my model because it was pretty broken :/ Finally I built a scene with lights, camera and background to create the renderings.
The HoloCam originated as a simple idea in our 3D Modeling course at university. The goal of this course was to deepen our knowledge and practical skills in Rhino 6. At the end of the course, each student had to model a virtual camera, complete with exterior and interior. We were completely free to decide what kind of camera to create.
Have a look!
Click the spinning cube to load the model