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Lake on B&W Rollfilm
It was a cold, foggy night
A series of images taken on 127 black and white rollfilm. It was the result of a analogue photography class
This is a series of images taken during a cold, foggy night at Lake Ammersee just north of the Alps. Exposure times varied from 1-3 minutes. After developing the negatives, I noticed a strange vertical pattern in all of the images, which I assume was caused by the film emulsion. Although unintentional, I find that the pattern enhances the eery motif of the photos.
I took these images with a "Baby-Rollei" camera from the 1960s. I inherited it from my grandfather, so the outing was quite a sentimental experience. The camera uses 4x4cm film, which is quite difficult to acquire nowadays because it peaked in production in the 1980s. Production then stopped in the 1990s. I was able to find 2 rolls of the ReraPan 400 online, produced by a small Japanese company. I found no studios that had the equipment to develop my film, so I had to do it myself. Then I scanned the negatives with an Hasselblad X5, which it results in a 50 megapixel file per negative, believe it or not.
I created these images in the context of our "analogue basics" photography class. I had some experience with analog photography, but this class helped me to delve into this topic. Through this course, I learned of a range of cameras, films, photography... It was a lot of fun!
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