Manuel Lippmann Designer & Tinkerer based in Munich
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Pizza in a can
Portable pizza oven
A portable pizza oven in a military fuel canister. Just add the dough, sauce and cheese and you're good to go!
This is a portable pizza oven you can bring everywhere. All you need are pizza ingredients and wood for the fire. You can bring it to a party or just enjoy a beautiful, tasty evening with your friends in the park. It's very easy to carry and assemble into "baking mode". There's no better way to make delicious pizza!
After conceptualizing a mobile pizza oven, we stumbled upon old fuel canisters, which were perfect for our first prototype. We quickly jotted down the first prototype, which suprisingly worked very well. We were ecstatic by our protoype's aesthetic, so we went one step further and built the oven and pizza-making tools into the canister. It even features an authentic pizza stone for a nice, crispy crust.
Our group assignment focused on working with metals. As someone who has mainly worked with wood this was very eye-opening: metals are much harder to manipulate than wood, however, you can be very precise. It was eye-opening to be in the metal workshop. I also learned that there are many types of metals and that it's important to find the appropriate one for your undertaking. Some metals are very malleable whereas others are heat resistant or light...